Upholds majority rule | Fair Vote Minnesota

Upholds majority rule

Under RCV, the outcome more accurately reflects the will of the voters, and officeholders serve knowing they were elected with majority support. In multi-winner elections, RCV allows more voters to be represented by someone they voted for. 

Minnesota’s current “plurality-take-all” elections are a holdover from an era in which there were usually only two parties on the ballot; they’re out of step with Minnesota’s growing political diversity. 

Plurality winners – that’s when a candidate wins without an actual majority of votes – have unfortunately become commonplace, from the plurality victory of President Trump to a string of minority outcomes in Minnesota gubernatorial races. Governor Dayton's reelection in 2014 was the first time a governor won with a majority of support since Governor Arne Carlson's reelection in 1994; now our state and federal legislative races are trending this way too.

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