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  • Keith Ellison

    , U.S. Congressman from Minnesota

    "The right to vote is a key issue for me. I support Instant Runoff Voting because it will expand political access for underrepresented communities and give a voice and representation to all people."

  • Tim Penny

    , former U.S. Congressman from Minnesota

    "With RCV, no vote is wasted. IRV allows voters to vote their hopes instead of their fears by ranking candidates in order of preference without worrying about spoiler dynamics or wasted votes."

  • Dave Durenberger (R-MN)

    , Former Senator

    "Elections have been taken over by the political parties and there needs to be a change in the way we govern ourselves," he stated. "Ranked Choice Voting is the only way I know of that will get people back to the polls in a meaningful way and replace plurality-take-all elections with majority-winner elections."

  • Wyman Spano

    , Co-founder and editor, Politics in Minnesota

    “To me, the most important potential benefit from Ranked Choice Voting is the profound shift it can make in the tone of our campaigns. Currently, a winning campaign strategy is most often based on driving up your opponent’s negatives, convincing uncommitted voters that your opponent is a bad person whom they should vote against. With RCV, however, it’s bad strategy to trash your opponents too severely since you might need their second place votes. Campaigns would necessarily shift from teaching voters to vote against the hated other side to teaching voters to vote for your candidate and his/her world view.”

  • Jack Uldrich

    , Chair, MN Independence Party

    I'm proud to be associated with FairVote Minnesota. It's not enough that each citizen's vote count, it must count for as much as possible. FairVote is turning this goal into a reality.

  • Curt Johnson

    , President, Citistates Group; former Chair, Metropolitan Council and Executive Director, Citizens League

    With independents becoming the swing vote in nearly every election, it's time to make the system of voting truly democratic. That's what Ranked Choice Voting does. It eliminates the fear of a 'wasted' vote. It assures that our elected leaders have majority support. It forces campaigning candidates to pay attention to all the voters, not just their 'base.'

  • Patrick O’Connor

    , former Interim Elections Director of Minneapolis

    "I have had the great fortune to be a small part of what could easily be considered the most significant civic exercise in the history of Minnesota government...the implementation of the first Ranked Choice Voting election in Minneapolis.  We proved that it could be well administered, quickly and accurately counted, and that voters had little problem with the concept."

  • John Hottinger

    , former state senator

    A simple tenet of democracy is that there be an election system that is fair with results that represent citizen votes accurately.  A process that virtually assures the winner has the support of a majority of voters, like RCV, is a better approach than our current system which too frequently results in plurality winners, reduced accountability and illusory democracy.

  • Betsy Hodges

    , Former Minneapolis Mayor

    Ranked Choice Voting will deepen our democracy and increase voter capacity to participate. It gives people the opportunity to make decisions in one election where they are most likely to vote.

  • Mike Logan

    , Governmental Affairs, Comcast

    “It may take some time for voters to fully embrace Ranked Choice Voting, but in the face of candidates that reflect increasingly polarized ideologies more and more citizens are looking for alternatives that allow them to vote their conscience instead of hedging their electoral bets.”  

  • Cyndi Lesher

    , Retired CEO of Northern States Power

    After a smooth implementation of Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis, I believe the public is ready to adopt a system that gives more insight into the choice of the voters. St. Paul will start using the system this year and I look forward to helping take this important reform statewide.

  • Dr. Glen Nelson, MD

    , Chairman of GDN Holdings

    Ranked Choice Voting is a rational, achievable, nonpartisan path to predictable outcomes – and to a government that represents a majority of citizens. Currently, political agendas that represent narrow partisan interests are creating a government in gridlock that cannot address Minnesota's long-term challenges. This dysfunction is harmful to the public sector process and it disadvantages individual citizens, nonprofits and the business community as well.The best government for Minnesota requires thoughtful, balanced, and solutions-based leadership. A system that produces consensus-building, problem-solving public servants — with the interests of the majority of Minnesotans at heart — is more likely to result with Ranked Choice Voting.

  • Matt Lewis

    , Communications Director of the MN Independence Party

    "If we're going to fix our political system we're going to do it from the ground up - community by community. The work that FairVote is doing is empowering citizens to really take control of improving their democratic process locally. As more and more communities see the benefits of implementing RCV I don't know what it will mean for any political party. But I know it will mean great things for the state of Minnesota."

  • Tim Walz

    , Congressman-MN01, 2018 Candidate for Governor

    "Ranked Choice Voting is one of those ways to make sure people feel like their vote is being counted, feels like it really matters to them, increases participation, and gives us better trust in our democracy. So I fully support this. If I'm given the opportunity to be your governor I'll promote it everywhere we go." View the full video.

  • Erin Maye Quade

    , State Representative and 2018 Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

    When we think about Ranked Choice Voting, we know that it means that candidates who share values don't split voters. That is a crucial and integral piece of our democracy. So, I want you to know that as your Lieutenant Governor with Erin Murphy as your Governor, when that bill gets on our desk because Ray Dehn passed it out of the House she will sign it and I will hand her the pen. Watch full video.

  • Elizabeth Glidden

    , Minneapolis City Council member

    "Turnout in our city primary elections was dismal, and this was where critical choices were made. With Ranked Choice Voting, voters have more choice and more voters participate in our elections."

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