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URGENT: Hearing on the anti-RCV, anti local control bill this Tuesday!

Dear Friends, 
Thanks to all of your calls, emails, and visits to your legislators’ offices, all the DFL authors of the anti-RCV, anti-local control legislation (H.F. 3690S.F. 3325are OFF the bill. That’s amazing and it couldn’t have happened without your advocacy.  
But we’re not done yet. The Republican authors are not backing down and Senator Kiffmeyer, chair of the State Government Finance and Policy and Elections Committee, has scheduled a hearing on the bill for 1 p.m. this Tuesday.  
Can you be there Tuesday to help us send a loud and clear message to the legislature that they cannot take away our communities' freedom and right to decide how to conduct our local elections -- or how we want to conduct our state elections for that matter? 
I know it’s not easy for those who live outside the metro area, but if you can make it and testify, that would be powerful. We need voices from across Minnesota! 
Please also email or call the Committee members right away and tell them to vote NO on this overreaching bill! As strong champions of local control, both Republicans and Democrats should be pushing for the RCV Local Options bill instead of trampling on communities' freedom to innovate and decide for themselves how to run their local elections. 
When:  Tuesday, March 27 at 1 p.m. 
Where: Room 1200, Minnesota Senate Building (95 University Ave W., just across the street from the north side of the Capitol)
Please email back “Yes, I can attend,” so that we know how many will be there.  
Thank you, once again, for your quick action and powerful voice! 

Jeanne Massey
Executive Director, FairVote Minnesota

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