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RCV Study Session in St. Louis Park, Sept. 18


St. Louis Park friends,

On Monday, the St. Louis Park City Council will hold another study session on Ranked Choice Voting, this time focusing on administration issues related to Ranked Choice Voting. Neither FairVote Minnesota or the League of Women Voters has been invited to present and it's unlikely comments from the audience will be taken in a study session.

Nonetheless, your continued presence before the city council is critical. The city council will be deciding where RCV goes next -- your our voice and presence is essential in motivating the council to do the right thing and keep RCV moving forward. 

What: RCV Study Session

When: Monday, September 18 at 6:15 p.m. 

Where: St. Louis Park High School, Room 350 (note, it's a windy path to the room so please allow time to find the location)

Click here to see the materials and agenda (first item following the agenda). It appears the conversation will focus on the process for considering and adopting RCV, which is described in the materials as being far more complex and lengthy than necessary. We need to stress that RCV is not only important to ensure candidates win with broad popular support, but it is efficient, easy to use and preferred by voters who actually have experienced ranking their ballots. Please contact the city council and mayor and urge them to act decisively and quickly to move the RCV adoption process forward in St. Louis Park.

Thanks to your passion, time and commitment, the momentum for RCV in SLP is building. It now has the full support of the Human Rights Commission, Senate District 46 and most of the city councilmembers. See the full list of RCV for St. Louis Park supporters. Let's keep our collective voices strong by showing up on Monday and letting the councilmembers know that you want them to support RCV and keep it moving forward! And, if you haven't already, please sign the RCV for SLP petition -- and ask all your friends to sign it, too!  

Contact FairVote Minnesota at info@fairvotemn.org if you have questions, would like help with a letter or are interested in becoming more involved as a volunteer. 

Your FairVote Minnesota Team


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