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Letter: Voting change gives St. Louis Park residents a reason to be proud

St. Louis Park Sun-Sailor


To the Editor:

Ranked-choice voting ordinance has been approved. On Dec. 3, the second reading amending St. Louis Park City Code Chapter 10, related to rules of conduct for municipal elections, was approved by the city council unanimously. Now that the 2018 election season is behind us, watch for more about ranked-choice voting.

A primary election will not be held for our 2019 municipal election. All eligible candidates will be printed on the November ballot. You will be able to vote for mayor and city council seats by ranking your top three candidate choices.

When former Councilmember Sue Sanger began pushing the council to look at RCV several years ago, she was motivated by a desire to “expand the base of our democracy.” This is exactly what happens with RCV elections.

Congratulations to St. Louis Park – and all the passionate residents who showed up time and again during the vetting process to advocate for RCV – for becoming the latest Minnesota city to adopt a voting system that is proven to be more inclusive and participatory.

We also thank Mayor Jake Spano, all the council members, the charter commission and City Clerk Melissa Kennedy (and her entire team) for preparing the RCV ordinance and moving this process ahead in an orderly and timely manner.

Now we have yet another reason to be proud to live in St. Louis Park!

Deb Brinkman, St. Louis Park

Deb Brinkman is president of the League of Women Voters of St. Louis Park.

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