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FairVote MN Releases 2018 House Candidate Survey

In September and October we surveyed candidates for Minnesota House to ask them if they support Ranked Choice Voting, specifically the Local Options bill and RCV for statewide elections. We heard back from 33 candidates and many more had conversations with us in person. We are pleased to report that we have supporters from the DFL, Republican, Independence and Libertarian parties. We were also treated to responses such as:

"A new day is dawning and the first breaking waves of sunlight include the vibrant possibilities of ranked choice voting to break us from the monied interests."

"RCV builds consensus. In these divided times, we have to remember that we have much more in common than we don't."

and "I strongly support the use of Ranked Choice Voting to increase the ideological diversity of candidates, reduce the incidence of negative campaigning and to eliminate the 'wasted vote syndrome' and 'bullet balloting.' "

Learn who made these quotes, and more, by visiting our results page. Our supporters page lists all known 2018 candidates who support RCV.

Are you a candidate who still wants to respond to our survey? Let us know at info@fairvotemn.org. We'll update the results as more come in.

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