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Dr. Maureen Reed Joins the FairVote MN Board

Dr. Maureen Reed has joined our distinguished board of directors. She will be pivotal in helping the board continue to guide FairVote Minnesota’s efforts.
“We are pleased that Maureen Reed has joined the FairVote Minnesota board of directors. Maureen has years of medical practice, nonprofit leadership, university governance and political experience. She also brings deep passion for making democracy work better through the use of Ranked Choice Voting,” said FairVote Minnesota Board President Jeff Peterson.
A physician by training, Reed previously served as medical director and vice president at HealthPartners, as a regent of the University of Minnesota, and as executive director of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Her interest in democracy has been punctuated by a run for statewide political office, participation on the Governor’s Health Care Transformation Task Force, and service as an election judge in Washington County. She currently teaches leadership at Gustavus Adolphus College and the University of Minnesota Undergraduate Honors Program.
“If our democracy is to fulfill its promise and be equally available to all citizens, change must occur. I believe campaign finance reform and redistricting reform to eliminate gerrymandering are crucial. And, most critically, election reform to eliminate bitter, winner-take-all outcomes is absolutely essential,” commented Reed.
“Ranked Choice Voting is an excellent way to focus on the issues, reduce the toxic rhetoric, and give all of us a bigger voice. It’s very energizing for me to have the chance to serve on the FairVote Minnesota board and work on this really important matter,” she added.
Reed joins a board whose members represent business, civic, nonprofit and political leaders. Read more about our Board of Directors.

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