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More inclusive and representative

Under RCV, the outcome more accurately reflects the will of the voters, and officeholders serve knowing they were elected with majority support. In multi-winner elections, RCV allows even more voters to be represented by someone they voted for. 

Our current electoral system discourages good candidates without major-party connections from even considering elected public service. It’s hard to know how many thoughtful, qualified candidates from outside the two-major-party domain choose not to run at all. 

RCV gives greater opportunity to traditionally underrepresented communities by eliminating the spoiler dynamic and by holding one decisive election in November when turnout is highest and most diverse. In local nonpartisan races, RCV rolls the primary into the general election, eliminating the low-turnout and costly primary that prematurely narrows the field for the rest of the voters in November. In state partisan races, RCV would allow for a runoff in the general election, eliminating the need for a separate, low-turnout runoff. 

In races with multiple winners (e.g., at-large city council), RCV allows for even greater representation of all the voters by reducing the threshold to win and giving voice to more voters. 

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