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Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

FairVote Minnesota provides education and outreach to grow awareness and support for Ranked Choice Voting across the state, including:

  • Promoting op-eds and Letters to the Editor in community and statewide publications
  • Providing interviews on radio and TV
  • Tabling at community events and festivals
  • Hosting a booth at the Minnesota State Fair
  • Presenting at business, civic, faith, neighborhood and cultural clubs and events
  • Providing testimony to the state legislature and to local charter commissions and city councils
  • Hosting conferences and guest speakers
  • Educating political party activists at caucuses, convention and party events
  • Hosting or helping others to host Rank Your Vote parties where guests can experience Ranked Choice Voting first hand by ranking something fun and tasty on the ballot, from desserts to pancakes to wine to tea
  • Conducting ranked ballot elections at community food, wine and beer festivals 
  • Updating our members through newsletters and action alerts

Contact us at or sign up to volunteer if you’d like to get involved in any of these activities — write a Letter to the Editor, invite a speaker for a group event or to talk to your local city council, host a Rank Your Vote house party or event, or volunteer to help table and educate fellow Minnesotans about Ranked Choice Voting! Our staff is available to help volunteers with training, talking points, letter-writing assistance, and other forms of support as desired.

If you have another idea for how to promote and educate the public about RCV, let us know — we’re always looking for creative ways to share what RCV is all about and grow the momentum for reform locally and statewide. 

And if you’re not already on our email list, please sign up here to stay up to date and get involved! 

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